RAD Programmer logo design contest ends soon

We have been running a logo design contest on 99Designs.com for an upcoming website called RAD Programmer whose initial audience will be RAD Studio developers.

If you haven't heard of 99Designs before, it is a widely used "creative platform that makes it easy for clients and designers to work together online." You create a contest and you can get dozens of designers submitting different designs for logos, websites, banner ads, or various other projects. You can give suggestions and get multiple revisions, and eventually you get it down to the Top 6 finalists. You further fine tune the design and pick your winner and then the winner gets paid. (In the higher priced options, all the finalists get a small piece of the revenue which encourages the higher-end designers to participate.)

From the few dozen different logo designs received, it's been narrowed down to two choices. 99Designs offers the ability to send out polls so other people can vote on their favorite design by using a 1-5 star rating. You can optionally leave your name so it shows up in the results, and optionally your email address to be notified when the final design is selected. This is the link for the final logo design poll. Please let us know what you think and pick your favorite design! The final design should be picked by the end of day on November 21st.

The end goals for the RAD Programmer are various and not yet fully defined. However, one area of focus will definitely be trying to revamp some Delphi related open source projects that haven't seen activity in a while. If you are interested in participating, follow us on one of the social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and let us know. If you have a particular project that you think needs some attention, send over a link. The goal is to refresh some code, fix some bugs, and add some missing features while maintaining as much backwards compatibility as possible. A little work has been started and hopefully some more repositories will some activity in December.


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