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Skia for Delphi Contest - win an Apple M1 Mac Mini!

As announced in an Embarcadero blog post, there is a new contest available to Delphi developers with a chance to win an Apple M1 Mac Mini.

Skia is seemingly used everywhere (Google Chrome, Android, Flutter, Xamarin, LibreOffice, Firefox...) and is also available for use with your cross-platform FireMonkey and your Windows VCL applications.

Check out Embarcadero's blog post for more info on Skia and the great features available to Delphi developers.


What will you build with Skia4Delphi? If you'd like to discuss Delphi issues on Slack, here is an invite link to a Delphi Programmers Slack Channel which was created last year and has grown to over 350 members. For those that prefer Telegram, I have created a Telegram Delphi Developer Group which has over 730 members (and has much more activity than the Slack group.) And because we believe in choice, you even join us on Discord where we has over 300 members. You can also reach me directly on Twitter (400 followers) or LinkedIn (4,200+ connections.) For those that prefer an old-school message board focused on Delphi, one of the best available is the Delphi-PRAXiS international forum.

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